The Yamarna Terrane is located 200 kilometres east of Laverton in Western Australia. The Company holds interests in tenements covering approximately ~4,000 square kilometres and a strike length in excess of 180 kilometres, providing access to one of the most highly prospective yet under-explored greenstone belts in Western Australia.


2022 Budget 


Drilled in 2021

The primary focus of Gold Road’s exploration activities continues to be the discovery of multi-million ounce deposits or clusters of deposits that can underpin a new stand-alone gold mine development.

Gold Road focusses its Yamarna exploration activities into three main project areas:

The Central Project Area (50% and 100% owned) hosts the Gruyere JV and Gold Road tenements within a 25 kilometre haulage radius from the Gruyere gold mine, primarily focussing on the Gruyere and Golden Highway deposits.

The Southern Project Area (100% owned) hosts the Gilmour Resource along with the Smokebush Resource, Warbler Resource and  the Waffler, Kingston, Earl, Hirono, Abydos and Savoie prospects.

The Northern Project Area (100% owned) hosts the Renegade deposit, Corkwood, Bloodwood and Ibanez prospects.

Gold Road is executing an industry leading exploration strategy to discover the next multi-million-ounce gold deposits at Yamarna.

Gold Road uses a staged Project Pipeline approach to manage, prioritise and measure success of the exploration portfolio. Each target is classified by Milestone and ranked using geological and economic criteria. Regular peer review, prioritisation and strategy ensure that the highest quality projects are progressed across all stages of exploration.

Yamarna tenement plan showing location of Yamarna Mineral Resources and priority prospects
Milestone 1
Target Generated

Anomaly Definition

Milestone 2
Anomaly Generated

Framework Drilling

Milestone 3
Target Defined

Definition Drilling

Milestone 4
Mineral Resource

Definition Drilling and Studies

Milestone 5
Ore Reserve

Grade Control Drilling and Studies

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