From our origins as an Australian gold explorer and producer we are committed to managing our business in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Gold Road released it’s Sustainability Report for calendar year 2021.

The report applies the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI) for Core reporting, references the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Metals and Mining Sector Standard.



We care for the wellbeing of all


We act with integrity

We deliver

We innovate to improve

We work as one team


Gold Road is committed to a diverse and inclusive culture, and to the health, safety and wellbeing of all employees and contractors. Gold Road’s policy framework strives to go beyond compliance and provide a workplace that people enjoy and value, with opportunities that further individual growth and development.

Our Company Values and Core Competencies help embed diversity and inclusion in all our decisions and actions. Gold Road continues to be above the industry average of 18.0% for female employees, with 30% females at 31 December 2020.

Parental Leave Benefits

Over the past 12 months, Gold Road has had an increased focus on sustainability, with Diversity and Inclusion being an important part of our sustainability objectives and our culture. As a business we value the positive impact that diversity in the workplace offers, and we strive to ensure our workplace practices attract and retain the best talent.

COVID-19 Response

Together with the rest of our industry and our nation, we faced the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are deeply grateful to our people and our contractors who worked closely with us to protect our collective health, safety and wellbeing and enable a highly successful year. We thank all Gold Road and Gruyere employees, contractors and suppliers, and the host community for their diligence and excellent performance through the 2020 global COVID-19 crisis.


Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Gold Road’s goal is to eliminate workplace injury and illness. we apply the same approach to our contractors that we apply to our employees.

Gold Road’s approach to health, safety and wellbeing complies with all relevant West Australian legislation.  Governance and performance of our health, safety and wellbeing is monitored at board level through the Risk and ESG Board Committee that meets regularly throughout the year.


Our local communities are considered remote from our mining and exploration activities. The nearest is the indigenous community of Cosmo Newberry which is over 100 kilometres away.

Gold Road’s community investment programme is directed towards helping local communities build capacity through supporting education and pathways to employment.

Gold Road believes indigenous peoples should be able to determine their own destiny and be equal in society in every way. We respect the principle of free, prior, and informed consent. There are many culturally important places to the Yilka and Traditional Owners within the land on which we operate that are used regularly in accordance with traditional customs and laws. We acknowledge the importance of these places to the Yilka and Traditional Owners and employ a practice of avoidance in our exploration activities.

The Junior Ranger Programme gives Cosmo children and youth an opportunity to spend time on-country learning land management practices, planting and care for native flora. Gold Road is supporting the Junior Ranger Programme through the provision of uniforms and equipment. 

Gold Road is working with Yilka Heritage and Land Care to ensure the continuation of the Yilka people’s vision; for law and culture to remain strong, the land to remain healthy and protected for future generations, and for the people to be prosperous.


Our operational and exploration activities are predominantly within the arid Great Victoria Desert biogeographic region of Western Australia. The dominant land use is aboriginal reserves, pastoral lands, and unallocated crown land. Vegetation of this region comprises a mosaic of tree and shrub steppe between sand hills and on sandplains, consisting of marble gum, mallee and spinifex.

We believe this region remains very much as it has been since pre-European settlement. We are therefore exceptionally careful to apply the precautionary principle to all our exploration and development activities.  Gold Road is compliant with all environmental licences and approvals.


Reverse Osmosis plant providing exploration potable water from saline groundwater.  No exceedances or breaches of water licences.

Renewable Energy

Solar energy powering the Yamarna Exploration Camp.


Increased learning, environmental surveys completed before clearing, continuous rehabilitation.


Used hydrocarbons are collected and disposed of at an off-site certified waste management facility.

Climate Change

TCFD aligned plan
in progress.

Gold Road understands its social responsibility to participate in the transition to a low carbon economy and the benefit this can bring to our business, our environment, and our stakeholders.

Implementation of renewable energy solutions is a key element of our Low Carbon Economy programme. In 2020, Gold Road completed the construction and successful commissioning of an integrated solar energy facility at the Yamarna Exploration Camp, which provides more than 70% of power to the camp, enabling a significant reduction in diesel consumption for power generation. 

This is the first system of its kind globally to be installed in an exploration operation of this size.


Gold Road acknowledges the impact of climate change and is committed to play its part in addressing this global threat, and the potential impacts to the business.

We work closely with our people, local communities and Traditional Owners, our JV partner and our contractors to ensure Gold Road’s optimal response to climate adaptation and impact reduction both within our Company and in our region.

Gold Road understands its social responsibility to participate in the transition to a low carbon economy and the benefit this can bring to our business, our environment, and our stakeholders.

Gold Road recognises climate change as one of the most critical challenges facing society and the environment, and its potential to impact our business activity is considered seriously. We have commenced a journey to align our processes and disclosures with the recommendations of the TCFD in line with best practice, to better understand our level of exposure, review our management approach and increase our level of transparency with our stakeholders.

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