Our journey started with a vision: to unlock Yamarna’s gold endowment. This vision still stands today, encompassing the initial discovery of the Gruyere Deposit and extending to the ongoing pursuit to discover and unlock world class assets.


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Gold Road embarked on its transformative journey in 2004, commencing as a private entity known as Faulkner Resources Pty Ltd. Guided by the expertise of geologist Russel Davis, well-versed in the intricacies of the Yamarna Greenstone Belt, strategic acquisitions unfolded in 2005. The Yamarna North and Yamarna South Projects were secured, each transaction etching a significant chapter in the company’s history. The Yamarna North Project, sourced from Asarco Exploration, involved an exchange of A$300,000 and 5 million shares, while Yamarna Goldfields contributed 2.15 million shares. Terra Gold Mines relinquished the Yamarna South Project for A$100,000 and 3 million shares. Simultaneously, the Yamarna pastoral lease, an umbrella encompassing the Gruyere Joint Venture and Gold Road exploration camp, came under the company’s stewardship.

The evolution continued, with Faulkner’s transformation into a public entity, rebranding itself as Eleckra Mines in 2006, and securing a listing on the ASX under the ticker symbol EKM. The focus remained unwavering, primarily on the Golden Highway Resources, a strategic pivot that yielded the remarkable discovery of the high-grade Central Bore.

In 2010, Eleckra changed its name to Gold Road Resources to better reflect its focus as a gold mining company.
Fast forward to 2013, a monumental milestone unfurled as the discovery drill struck gold in Gruyere. A mere three years later, the Gruyere Feasibility Study was completed and a joint venture agreement signed with Gold Fields Ltd. In the same year (2016) Gold Road signed a landmark agreement with the Yilka People and the Cosmo Newberry Aboriginal Corporation (CNAC), the traditional owners of the Gruyere and Golden Highway Joint Venture Projects.

Gold Road is proud to have taken the Gruyere Project from the initial discovery to first gold in just 5.5 years. Gold Road is a 50:50 joint venture partner in a tier one gold operation at Gruyere, but continues to focus on unlocking the value of the underexplored Yamarna Greenstone Belt.

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