Dividend Reinvestment Plan now active

As announced on 9 September 2021, eligible shareholders are invited to participate in our DRP.

Dividend Policy

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Gold Road will target annual dividend payments which in aggregate represent 15 – 30% of free cash flow for each calendar year, payable by way of two half yearly payments. Gold Road’s free cash flow is defined as cash flow before debt and dividends.

Declaration of any dividend will be subject to Gold Road maintaining a minimum net cash balance
of A$100 million (after the payment of any dividend). 

The declaration of, or determination to pay, dividends remains at the absolute discretion of Gold Road’s Board of Directors after taking into account a number of factors, including but not limited to, Gold Road’s underlying financial performance and cash flow, commodity price expectations, balance sheet and treasury risk management, working capital needs and competing internal and external investment opportunities necessary for future growth, development and exploration. 

Gold Road intends to establish a Dividend Reinvestment Plan in due course, and may, from time to time, provide shareholders with the option to increase their shareholding by reinvesting all or part of any potential future dividend in additional Gold Road shares.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP)

The DRP provides eligible shareholders with a convenient opportunity to reinvest all or part of their dividends to obtain additional Gold Road shares without having to pay any brokerage, commission, or other transaction costs to Gold Road in respect of shares issued under the DRP. The DRP will support Gold Road’s future capital expenditure and proactively prepare our balance sheet for growth.

Dividend History

Period Payment Date Record Date Payment Amount ps Franked %

2020 Final

2021 Interim 

2021 Final

14 April 2021

28 October 2021

5 May 2022

26 March 2021

28 Sept 2021

4 April 2022







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